Heavy Equipment Contracting

Major EarthWorks

Sanders and Company has the means to move a large amount of material in a short amount of time [...]

Road Construction

Sanders and Company specializes in road construction, repair and removal [...]

Site Servicing

Sanders and Company can install sewer and water lines to your new or existing property [...]


Sanders has completed numerous demolition projects over the years [...]


Sanders and Company completes many construction projects throughout British Columbia each year [...]

Major Earthworks

We specialize in:

• Foundation work
• Backfills
• Compaction
• Grading and Leveling
• Gravel Supplies and Delivery

Road Construction

Road construction and maintance is an integral part of forestry, mining, and recreation. We at Sanders and Company have the experience required to properly build and repair the roads we depend on to access the more remote areas of our province.
Whether you need a new road or have drainange issues on an existing one, will be happy to provide an estimate for the work required. Contact us today.

Contact us for:

• New Road Construction
• Ditching
• Culvert & Bridge installation
• Washout Repair

• Snow Removal

Site Servicing & Construction

Sanders & Company has the skills and equipment needed for the precision work of installing sewer and water lines. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, we have the experience to get the job done right.

Sanders and Company has the following equipment at your disposal:

• Full size (20 and 30 tonne) excavators, rock hammering capacity
• CAT 420 Backhoe
• CAT Skidsteer with bucket, forks, auger, sweeper and grapple
• JD50 Mini excavator
• Compacting Equipment
• Grade Laser


When demolishing a building, having and experienced team makes all the difference. We have completed numerous demolition projects in the surrounding areas and know the importance of keeping a clean organized work site and employ stict safe work procedures when working in and around a demolition site.

Our specialized demolition services include

• Full size (30 tonne) excavators
• Concrete and asphault Grinding
• waste Materials disposal and recycling
• Back filling and Compacting
• limited hazarous materials removal And Disposal