Forestry Operations


Timber Harvesting

Sanders and Co now runs two separate logging operations that harvest an average of 250 000 m3 annually [...]

Timber Hauling & Equipment TransPORTATION

Our forestry operation includes the ability to move wood from a logging block to the sawmill [...]

Right of Way Clearing

Sanders & Co is experienced with clearing for pipelines, powerlines, roads and mining operations [...]

Mechanical Site Prep

Sanders & Co are well known for their innovation in the field of Mechanical Site Preparation [...]

Road Rehabilitation & Reclamation

Sanders & Co can de-activate roads as efficiently as we build them. [...]

Envirobridge Foresty Bridges

Sanders and Company now offers a selection of highly durable, all steel stream crossings [...]

Timber Harvesting

Sanders and Company has been involved in logging operations for over 30 years.
At Sanders we are known for having highly trained, saftey consious operators and supervisors, up-to-date equipment, and utilize modern harvesting methods. Contact us for more information, or to join our team as an equipment operator.

• Full Phase Harvesting
• Post & Rail and Pulp Harvesting
• Log Loading & Hauling
• SEBASE safety program

Timber Hauling & Equipment Transport

We understand the essential nature of trucking in the forest and construction industries. At Sanders we do much of our own heavy equipment and timber hauling. Getting merchandise and equipment from A to B is often a challenge but we pride ourselves on having top notch drivers and equipment to keep things rolling smoothly.

• Full size logging trucks with Super B Trailers
• Lowbedding capacity

Right of Way Clearing

ROW clearing
Our company has a signifigant amount of experience in clearing, specifically for new roads, powerlines and pipelines. Large scale projected are quickly becoming our specialty. Let us clear the way to your timber, trenches and towers.

Satified Customers include:
BC Hydro
Flatiron Graham Joint Venture
Various Telecomunications Companies
Various Sawmills across British Columbia

Mechanical Site Preparation

Sanders and Company has been at the leading edge of mechanical site preparation for the past 25 years. Our attachment designs and methods have been implemented in silviculture activities across the province.
We are confident that our siliviculture division can meet the needs of both our customers and the plants and animals that will use the reclaimed spaces we create.

Excavtor "screefer" and rake attachements
Skidder "chain drag"
road rehabilitation

Road Rehabilitation & Reclaimation

We have the equipment and experience to build roads but also to unbuild them. Among many other activities, putting roads back to a natural state is something we can accomplish for you.
Call us today for more information.

Knowleagable experienced operators
Clean, Well Maintained Equipement
Excavators, Rock Trucks, and Crawler Tractors
Crews available for grass seeding and hand work